The Wrecking Ball (or as in 3x13 nicknamed "Wrecky") is a Guest obstacle in a few episodes. The contestants have to conquer an obstacle while avoiding getting knocked off by a 2t wrecking ball. Wrecky made his first appearance in episode 1x06 as an addition to the Dreadmill.

Wrecky as a Character

While trying to knock off the contestants, the Wrecking Ball also talks. His voice is John Henson’s voice, but John disguises his voice. Wrecky´s voice is very deep, and he hates fat-jokes. He also has a face drawn on him, but it´s edited in. He fell in love in Jessica Bertoni and was the winner as the best guest obsactle in the Wipeys.

The Slow Wrecking Ball

Slow Wrecking Ball (left) and Wrecky (right)
In Episode 3x09 Wrecky was an addition to the Shakealator together with a blue, slower moving Wrecking Ball, which is said to be his cousin. Both Balls fell down at the contestants when they were on the shakealator. He speaks in a southern accent and not as smart as Wrecky.

Episodes with the Wrecking Ball

S1E6 The Dreadmill
S1E7 None (The Wipeys)
S2E2 Log Roll
S3E9 Shake-a-lator
S3E13 Double Cross
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