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The Wrecking Ball (or as in 3x13 nicknamed "Wrecky") is a Guest obstacle in a few episodes. The contestants have to conquer an obstacle while avoiding getting knocked off by a 2t wrecking ball. Wrecky made his first appearance in episode 1x06 as an addition to the Dreadmill.

Wrecky as a Character[]

While trying to knock off the contestants, the Wrecking Ball also talks. His voice is John Henson’s voice, but John disguises his voice. Wrecky´s voice is very deep, and he hates fat-jokes. He also has a face drawn on him, but it´s edited in. He fell in love in Jessica Bertoni and was the winner as the best guest obsactle in the Wipeys.

The Slow Wrecking Ball[]

Slow Wrecking Ball (left) and Wrecky (right)

In Episode 3x09 Wrecky was an addition to the Shakealator together with a blue, slower moving Wrecking Ball, which is said to be his cousin. Both Balls fell down at the contestants when they were on the shakealator. He speaks in a southern accent and not as smart as Wrecky.

Episodes with the Wrecking Ball[]

S1E6 The Dreadmill
S1E7 None (The Wipeys)
S2E2 Log Roll
S3E9 Shake-a-lator
S3E13 Double Cross