Wipeout O-Matic, also known as Episode 1x08, is the eighth episode of season 1 on the U.S. series Wipeout.



Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Sweeper Dizzy Dummy Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 Richard Mendoza 2nd (01:53.2) 2nd 1st Winner (10:55.56)
2 April Robles 1st (01:48.8) 1st 3rd 2nd Place (16:46.53)
3 Carlos Moreno 5th (01:55.3) 6th 2nd Out of time
4 Michael Bertrand 3rd (?) 3rd 4th Quit
5 Tory Mell 9th (03:00.3) 4th Eliminated
Shane Johnson 4th (01:55.0) 5th Eliminated
7 Jenny Quam 7th (02:02.1) Eliminated
8 Larry Hanes 12th (05:22.7) Eliminated
9 Jessye Liebow 8th (02:00.8) Eliminated
10 Gina Capelli 6th (01:55.6) Eliminated
11 Brittany Gilman 11th (04:33.9) Eliminated
12 Calvin Bonds 10th (04:22.4) Eliminated

Trivia & NotesEdit

  • April Robles became the first person to win both the first two rounds: the Qualifier and the Sweeper, as well as being the first female to have the best time in the Qualifier and being the last female person standing on the Sweeper.
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