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Sucker Punch Lego Wipeout

Now if you happen to stumble upon this page, you may be asking “What is Cuusoo?”

Cuusoo is a site where people submit ideas for new Lego sets. If the project can get 10,000 Supporters then Lego will review the project. If Lego likes the idea, and can get permission from the IP holders, then they will create their own version of project and mass produce it to make it available to you.

Wipeout has its own project on Lego CUUSOO.  A fan who goes by the name, "Wipeout Zone", has made a Lego Sucker Punch, based off the real one, which can be found here.  If the set can get 10,000 votes, then the Lego Wipeout set may become a possibility!