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Wipeout Kitchen

Season 4's Wipeout Kitchen, using the Chinese Restaurant theme

The Wipeout Kitchen is an obstacle that premiered in Spring Wipeout of Season 4 as the fourth and final obstacle of the Qualifier, replacing the Yule Log Jam from Winter. When this obstacle was carried over to Summer Wipeout, it was interchanged with the Double Barrel as the second post-Big Balls obstacle of the Qualifier for the rest of the season.

Contestants had to first crawl through three ovens that shook them up and beat them down with pies, and then leap over two hot dogs that would suddenly move back and forth to pound anyone who tries to jump over them. Finally, they must make a short jump to the finish platform, doing so quickly enough to dodge the hotdog that would smack them from behind and off the walkway.

Various themes include Ballsy's Kitchen, the Wipeout Laundromat, Chinese Restaurant, the Wipeout Cantina, the Wipeout School Cafeteria, the Wipeout Nursery, Nana's Kitchen, and the Wipeout Italian Restaurant.

It was cleared by only five contestants:

It was replaced by an unnamed building-type obstacle in Season 5.