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Season 4's Wipeout 500

The Wipeout 500 (later known as Detour) is a Round Three course used in Season 4. It is one of five courses used for Round Three on this season, along with the Seven Letter Word, Winter Blunder Land, the Sweeper, and the Wipeout Play Set.

It is a course themed around car culture. There are three rounds. First, all six contestants must make it past the Street Sweepers, two yellow sweeper arms placed above a path of seven pedestals and a turntable. After that, they must cross the Spinner Change, a bumper turntable, which was originally the 'O' from the Seven Letter Word. And finally, it’s a trip across the Stuttering Straightaways (later renamed the Rocking Roadblocks), two rapidly tilting platforms perpendicular to each other, which are reskins of the Yule Log Jam, en route to the finish platform all while dealing with costumed characters on a separate platform high above throwing various items at the contestants based on the theme of the week. The first contestant through in each round moves on to the Wipeout Zone.

It was featured in episode 8 of Summer Wipeout (Boss and Employee). All three boss-employee teams were pegged by tires and checkered flags thrown from the pit crew. Because it is a team episode, there are only two rounds, and the first complete boss-employee team through in each round moves on to the Wipeout Zone. Ryan Ash injured his shoulder on this course after finishing, so he and his co-worker Edgar Lai withdrew from the competition.

It was permanently renamed into Detour in episode 9 of Summer Wipeout (Ballsy Gets a Hard Hat), where the Wipeout crew is dressed in construction gear that took a trip to the construction zone on a hazardous hydraulic speedway.

This obstacle was later featured in episode 12 of Summer Wipeout (Ballsy's Playground), where the Wipeout crew is dressed as an old retirement couple that took a trip to Ballsy National Forest in their RV. They throw pillows and sleeping bags at the contestants.

It was removed from the Round Three lineup in Season 5.


  1. Street Sweepers
  2. Spinner Change
  3. Stuttering Straightaways/Rocking Roadblocks