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Wipeout: The Game is a video game based on the American comedy show named Wipeout, made for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. The game was published and distributed by Activision. It was released on June 22, 2010 in the United States.


In the game, the player can choose from 23 different characters. There are four categories of characters, with each category having a certain amount of "Speed" and "Strength" for the player, which varies based on their body sizes. The "Small" characters have great Speed but little Strength. The "Medium" characters have a more balanced amount of Speed and Strength, with neither one serving as the dominant trait. The "Large" characters have great Strength but little Speed. These first three categories all have 6 different characters each; 3 females and 3 males, and each character having 3 different outfits. The fourth category is "Special," which has a high amount of Speed and Strength. There are 5 characters in this category, including the three hosts.


Runaway Groom

Super Zero

The Silver Wolf

Valley Girl

Mad Cowgirl

Glass Slipper


Most Likely to Succeed


Whatever, Dude


Space Cadet




Chef Mutton Chop

The Human Carpet

Party Queen

Virginia Wolfshirt

Tattoo Practice


John Anderson

John Henson

Jill Wagner

Black and Blue 1

Black and Blue 2


The game is played in two different versions. Challenge mode is where the player can challenge specific obstacles and attempt to beat them in a certain amount of time. The other is Play The Show, which means to play the game as they would in the show. They go through the Qualifier round first, and advance to the Sweeper round second. The third round, Free For All, has 3 different versions. In the Easy level, the Free For All features players spinning on the dizzy dummy, and then going across the Tipsy Tables or the Spinning Platform. Challenging level has players on the Unclaimed Baggage, and the Extreme level has them on the Double Crosser. Finally, they go through the Wipeout Zone.

The Wii game is different from the show (and its Nintendo DS counterpart) in that there are only 4 contestants, and none are eliminated during the first three rounds. The game has commentary by Henson, Anderson and Wagner, all three of whom are featured as unlockable playable characters.



Easy Mode[]

1. Dirty Balls

2. Breakaway Planks/Double Diving Boards/Plank in the Face

3. Big Balls with Hammer Motivator

4. Door Knock/Fence Flapper/Sucker Punch

5. Hoop Run/Rug Pull/Rolling Stones

Challenging Mode[]

1. Sweeper Trees/Banana Hammocks

2. Combination of two of the second obstacles from before

3. Hi-Lo Big Balls with Hammer Motivator

4. Sucker Punch/Fence Flapper + Door Knock

5. Combination of two of the fifth obstacles from before

Extreme Mode[]

1. Extreme Sweeper Trees

2. Breakaway Planks + Plank in the Face + Double Diving Boards

3. Extreme Hi-Lo Big Balls with Hammer Motivator and Wrecking Ball

4. Fence Flapper + Sucker Punch + Door Knock

5. Hoop Run + Rug Pull + Rolling Stones


Easy Mode[]

Classic Sweeper / Cheese Sweeper / Crowbar Sweeper

Challenging Mode[]

Gyro Sweeper / Hoop Sweeper

Extreme Mode[]

Gyro Crusher

Road to the Final[]

Easy Mode[]

Dizzy Dummy: Bullseye Buoys/Keyhole Spinner

Challenging Mode[]

Unclaimed Baggage

Extreme Mode[]

Double Cross

Wipeout Zone[]

Easy Mode[]

1. Catapult

2. Barrel Run

3. Gears of Doom

4. Scary-Go-Round

5. Gauntlet (Piston Punch, Blades of Fury)

6. Launch Pads

Challenging Mode[]

1. Catapult

2. Barrel Run (two ramps)

3. Gears of Doom (4 gears)

4. Scary-Go-Round (with Wrecking Balls)

5. Gauntlet (more blades)

6. Launch Pads (more pads)

Extreme Mode[]

1. Catapult

2. Barrel Run (three ramps)

3. Gears of Doom (six gears)

4. Scary-Go-Round (two stacked up)

5. Gauntlet (more blades and pistons)

6. Launch Pads (pads are moving)


Note: These screenshots were taken using the Dolphin emulator at 1080p with 2xMSAA.


Dirty Balls, on Easy with Grasshopper