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"Wild" Will West is a contestant from S3E12 "Totally Inappropriate". Will's nickname comes from his background in rodeo.



Will began his run by first facing the Unbalanced Beams. Will only got halfway across before he missed a step and fell between the beams, hitting the block underneath on his way down. At the Sucker Punch, Will only got a few steps out before he was knocked into the mud. At the Big Balls (which were movin, Will only got to the second ball before falling. The rest of Wills run was cut, but Will can be seen wiping out at the Shape Shifter during a compilation later in the episode. Wills time was good enough to advance to the next stage.

Double Cross[]

At the Double Cross, which for this episode had a Wrecking Ball hanging over the middle, Will made it to the center on his first attempt only to be one of six contestants to wipeout in quick succession, during the mass wipeout, Will made a move down the red plank but got cut off by Michael Ewing who had made a move down the wrong plank, grabbed a sweeper arm, and let go onto the red plank, only to be taken out by the next sweeper moments later, Will followed after failing to jump over the bar. After 3 spots had already been taken, Will made it back to the middle and moved down the red plank, fell onto the Unstable Table, but couldn't get up in time before the table tilted and he slid into the water. Will made another attempt at the finish spot, but this time he overshot the Table on his landing and fell through the gap between the table and the finish platform. Will finally made it when he moved down the red plank, landed on the unstable table as it was tilting back up, and made it to the finish platform, taking the 6th and final spot in the next stage. Will would move on alongside, Michael, Ken Wade, Russell Smith, Charlie Gray, and Whitney Mckee.

Car Wash[]

Will and the others would now face the Car Wash. On round 1 both Will and Ken were taken out immediately by the brush on the first pass. Whilst down in the water, Will was hit by Russell when he fell off the spinner but wasn't seriously injured. For round 2, Will stayed on longer than Ken and Whitney before falling off. Round 3 ended with Will, Whitney, and Michael simultaneously falling off the spinner, as Michael was the last to hit the water, he moved on to the zone while Will had to spin again. For the final round, Whitley was eliminated early leaving just Will and Ken on the spinner. Ken got tripped up, recovered, only to be knocked off seconds later. Thus Will took the final spot in the Wipeout Zone.

Wipeout Zone[]

Will would be the first to run the zone that night, After a good launch off the Dreadmill, Will was now facing the Gutbusters. On his first attempt, Will only made it to the 3rd block before he lost his grip and fell. On his second attempt, Will bellyflopped on the last two blocks before making it to the platform. Now facing the Sinistairs, Will's first attempt ended with a brutal wipeout when he slipped on the first step, started to fall, and got caught between the step and the sweeper arm. Will crossed on his second attempt without incident. Now facing the Gauntlet, Will tried to sprint through the Crankshaft but got hit by the last bar and flipped head over heels into the water. Will passed the Crankshaft on his next attempt, but mistimed his leap on the Blades of Fury and got knocked back into the water. On his third Gauntlet try, Will passed the Blades and made it to the Beater Totter where he dashed across on his first attempt in a bold move, making it to the finish platform with a time of 12:50.91. This time was good enough to beat Michael but not enough to beat Charlie who would go on to win the $50,000.