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The Triple Threat is the name given to three different obstacles in the Wipeout Zone of Seasons 1, 3, and 8 (TBS Season 1).

Season 1[]

The first version of the Triple Threat, which appeared only in the pilot episode of Season 1 as the second obstacle of the Wipeout Zone, is made up of three triangles that can rotate if not crossed quick enough. It appeared with Killer Surf, the Spinner, and Blast Off.

Season 3[]

The second version of the Triple Threat in Season 3 was placed as the third obstacle in the Wipeout Zone. It is made up of three turntables with sweeper arms that contestants must cross while being blasted by water cannons. It appeared with the Catapult, the Spin Cycle, the Rib Rage, and the Gauntlet: the Spiked Whackers and the Arms and Dangerous.


  • In episode 4, the sweeper arms had white streamers.
  • In episode 15, the sweeper arms had flame streamers.
  • In episode 17, the sweeper arms had hanging balls.

Season 8[]

Triple Threat (Season 8)

Season 8's Triple Threat

The third version of the Triple Threat appeared in Season 8 as the fourth and final obstacle of the Wipeout Zone. It consisted of three rotating hexagon platforms (though, the second "hexagon" was instead an irregular pentagon), with smaller trapezoid platforms within the middle that are weighted by gravity. Contestants jump across either of the shapes to reach the finish platform.