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The Trampoline Sweepers is an obstacle of the Qualifier in Season 3. It is featured as the fourth stunt, sometimes replaced by the Organ Grinder or the Shake-a-Lator. It consist of trampolines they have to cross, without being knocked in the water by the sweeper arms. A lot of people couldn't even make it past the first sweeper arm, and even if they did, almost no-one could make the final jump to the platform. The foam that was occasionally added also made it quite a bit harder. The first one to cross the Trampoline Sweepers is Jackie Evans.

Conquered by[edit | edit source]

# Contestant Episode
1 Jackie Evans

3x01: Blind Date

2 David Hutchison 3x10: Screw You, Banana!
3 Ryan Gahagan

3x17: Ahoy, Ye Land Lubbers

Biker Bar[edit | edit source]

The Biker Bar is a different version of the Trampoline Sweepers. The sweeper arms are bigger, and they have little motorcycles on top of them. No-one made it pasted this stunt.

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