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Torrential Twisters

Season 5's Torrential Twisters

The Torrential Twisters is an obstacle used as the third obstacle in the Summer Wipeout Zone of Season 5, replacing the Frozen Fury from the Winter Wipeout Zone of the same season. It was interchanged with Spinergy as the third obstacle throughout the rest of Season 5.

It is an upgraded version of the Turntables from Season 2. Contestants must cross three slippery turntables while being showered by heavy rain from a rain machine. Each turntable is walled off in the middle, forcing contestants to ride out the one side that they hopped onto. However, these walls also have a diamond printed of the right half of either side, indicating where contestant should jump from. The second turntable has bumpers on opposite ends.

It wasn't too difficult, as in three of the episodes that this obstacle was featured in, it was cleared by all three finalists on their first attempt. The contestants who crossed it on their first attempt are:

  • Christy Tillman (S5E11)
  • Dan Flynn (S5E11)
  • David Rios (S5E11)
  • Jullian McFadden (S5E14)
  • Michael Ayoob (S5E14)
  • Kevin Osbourne (S5E14)
  • Sarah Cookson (S5E15)
  • Brittany Strong (S5E17)
  • Ryan Session (S5E20)
  • Dekenia Norfleet (S5E20)
  • Sean Huiswoud (S5E20)
  • Nick Rossi (S5E22)
  • Travis Herb (S5E24)
  • Barret Graf (S5E24)
  • Steven Ferreira (S5E24)

On the next season, along with Spinergy, it was replaced by both the Space Pod of Doom and Dark Side of the Moon.