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The seventh episode of Season 1 featured the Wipey Awards, an awards show style presentation of past moments from the previous episodes.

Wipey Award Winner Runners-up
Best Sucker Punch Jessica Trevethick Dana Jamison, James Simpton, Jessica Bertoni, Craig Johnson
Best Sweeper Everyone but Jim Wakefield
Episode 1x02)
Episode 1x01, Episode 1x03, Episode 1x06
Best Wipeout on a Non-obstacle Natalie Murdock Margie Stubbs, Brandon Bermudez, Carrie Wynes, Andrew Pagana
Favorite Contestant Ariel Tweto Sandy Bowls, Travis Mitchell, Keith Biondi, Jessi Duran
Dizziest Dummy Jarran Joshu Chris Lekawa, Jessi Duran
Best Guest Obstacle Wrecking Ball
The Crowbar (Sweeper), Tennis Balls (Dreadmill), Sacks (Sweeper)
Best Telestration John Anderson on "The Cheerleader" "Sweeper Dodgeball Instructions", "Tuesday Night in Jersey", "The Wrecking Ball", "Joey Byham", "The Hoop"
Best Big Balls Wipeout Chris Lekawa Chris Kinyon, Gwenisha Robinson, Gayla Johnson, Christa Wiktorski
Best Romance Ben Kronberg, the Big Balls, and the Ball Swing Ariel Tweto and a Crazy Beam, Jessica Bertoni and the Wrecking Ball
Best Dance Jim Wakefield Ingel Catandig, Neil Smith, Arthur Sevcik
Best Battle Cry Nancy Novak Saye Yabandeh, Kyle Adler, Victoria Redstall, David Goryl
Lifetime Achievement The Big Balls The Sweeper, The Spinner, The Sucker Punch
Best Wipeout Jacob Mann Erwin Milan, John Curtis, Toni Robinson

Other Notable Awards: