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Swing Blades

Season 5's Swing Blades

The Swing Blades is an obstacle, introduced as the second obstacle in the Summer Wipeout Zone in Season 5, replacing the Psychedelic Snow Globe from the Winter Wipeout Zone in the same season. It was interchanged with Commakaze as the second obstacle throughout the rest of Season 5.

It consists of two sets of sweeper swings (similar to those used on the Fling Set) and blades that contestants must cross to get to the other side. There is a small safe zone in between both sets, so that contestants can time their sprint across the hazards.

Unlike with the Fling Set (which nobody cleared in the Qualifier), two contestants actually managed to clear this obstacle on their first attempt, both from the same episode:

  • Christy Tillman (S5E11)
  • David Rios (S5E11)

Along with Commakaze, it was later replaced by both Blockbuster and Throw-tisserie in Season 6.