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The Special Episode, also known as Episode 1x09, is the pilot episode of U.S. Wipeout. However, it was featured on broadcast as the ninth episode of season 1.

In this special episode, 32 contestants were featured instead of the normal 24. Because of this, 16 competitors advanced the Qualifier rather than 12.



Competition: Finals
Week: Qualifier Sweeper Cookie Cutter Wipeout Zone
Place Contestant Result
1 Christian Readyhoff 3rd (01:10.0) -- 2nd (04:13.68) Winner (00:55.88)
2 Scott Kessler 8th (01:56.9) -- 1st (04:04.00) 2nd Place (02:03.84)
3 Mich Rohner 12th (02:26.9) -- 3rd (04:30.37) 3rd Place (02:59.83)
4 Katie Mayfield 2nd (01:01.3) -- 4th (04:51.52) Late Finish (02:25.14)
5 Andrew Long 10th (02:00.4) -- Eliminated (05:13.74)
6 Paul Martin 11th (02:20.2) -- Eliminated (05:52.19)
7 Daniel Drew 9th (01:58.8) -- Eliminated (07:29.21)
8 Nick Ballard 1st (00:59.4) -- Out of time
9 Mindy Fortune 4th (01:10.8) Eliminated
10 Steve Romero 13th (2:28.6) Eliminated
11 Rick Wilson T6th (01:12.1) Eliminated
12 Eddie Shapiro 14th (02:29.0) Eliminated
13 Shelly Williams 7th (01:22.3) Eliminated
14 Karen Helm T6th (01:12.1) Eliminated
15 Monte Cook 15th (02:29.2) Eliminated
16 Angela Bruson 5th (01:11.7) Eliminated

Trivia & Notes[]

  • Because 32 competitors were featured on this episode, sixteen contestants advanced to the Sweeper. During the Sweeper however, the obstacle stopped as soon as eight contestants were eliminated. As such, no competitor would win a bonus cash prize for being the last competitor standing.
  • On the Cookie Cutter, the four contestants with the best time advanced to the Wipeout Zone.
  • Nick Ballard had the best time in Wipeout history in the Qualifier, and is the first to cross the Big Balls.
  • Katie Mayfield is the first to cross the Sucker Punch and the second to cross the Big Balls. She's the first contestant in Wipeout history to have a flawless Qualifier run. [really it shows her sliding into the water on human pinball]
  • Eddie Shapiero later crossed the Sucker Punch.
  • Christian Readyhoff had the best time in the Wipeout Zone in Wipeout history. To put his time into perspective, Readyhoff managed to complete the course before the other contestants even started on the first obstacle.
  • Although she ran out of time, Katie Mayfield still finished the Wipeout Zone. She finished 21.30 seconds slower than Scott Kessler after he completed the Wipeout Zone.
  • Mich Rochner and Daniel Drew both slid down the Human Pinball perfectly.