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Season 4's Iron Mazen

Iron Mazen is an obstacle used in most Summer Wipeout episodes of Season 4 as the second obstacle in the Wipeout Zone. It was interchanged with the Over and Out as the second obstacle for the rest of the season.

It’s a giant rotating maze. Contestants must enter on the yellow side and exit on the red side all while battling gravity, momentum, and speed of the rotating maze.

The contestants who crossed it on their first attempt are:

  • Jocelyn Peck (S4E17)
  • Chaz Hume (S4E20)
  • Patrick McIntyre (S4E23)
  • Jay Isbell (S4E23)
  • Mark Holwick (S4E24)
  • Bryan Norman (S4E26)
  • Barry Fast (S4E26)
  • Daniel Fritz (S4E27)
  • Travis Montgomery (S4E28)
  • Bri Geleris (S4E28)
  • Jon Davis (S4E29)
  • Matthew Crump (S4E29)

It was replaced by the Psychedelic Snow Globe in the next season.