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The Great Wall of Fall is an obstacle, used as the fourth and final obstacle in the Summer Wipeout Zone of Season 4. It was interchanged with the Coin Toss as the fourth obstacle for the rest of the season.

It is a 50-foot-long wall containing of several cylindrical pegs randomly retracting into the side that contestants must make their way across to the finish platform.

The contestants who crossed it on their first attempt are:

  • Christian Cannon (S4E17)
  • Tony Lee (S4E20)
  • Bryan Norman (S4E26)
  • Danielle Connolly (S4E28)
  • Jon Davis (S4E29)
  • Katie Davis (S4E29)
  • Brenton Kuipers (S4E30)

It was replaced by Iced Over in the next season.