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Blockbuster (Season 6)

Season 6's Blockbuster

The Blockbuster is an obstacle that was featured as the second obstacle in several episodes of Season 6 in the Wipeout Zone. It was interchanged with the Throw-tisserie as the second obstacle throughout the season.

It consists of a giant rocking wall filled with unstable blocks that contestants must cross (starting on the top left) to get to the other side (located on the bottom right) without being busted. To help with the dismount, the final block before the platform was made twice as long.

Because of the obstacle's extreme difficulty, along with the fact that spinning the blocks in a certain way can make the obstacle impossible to beat, after at least one wipeout, contestants can either try again or move on and take a time penalty.

Only three contestants crossed it on their first attempt:

In the next season, it was replaced by the Shredder.