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"Coffee Teeth" Terry Shillito is a contestant from S3E10 'Ballsy Shows off his Giblets'. Terry's nickname comes from his extremely yellow teeth, a side effect from his habit of drinking multiple pots of coffee a day.



The only part of Terry's run shown in the episode was his attempt at the Big Balls, where he bounced off the second ball into the water, Terry's time was good enough to advance to the stage.


Terry made it across the red track on his first attempt, clearing the hurdles and successfully landing on the red platform. Now up to the yellow track, Terry got a firm grip on a dangler and made it passed the sweeper arms, However Terry overshot the finish platform when he let go of the dangler. Terry is later seen appearing to help contestant Katlin Majewski from falling off the yellow platform. Any other attempts Terry made at completing the obstacle weren't shown. Terry failed to complete the yellow track and is last seen on the yellow platform expressing regret at his failure to make it to the next stage.