A Sweeper Bar is a thin cylinder which appears in many obstacles such as the Miami Pound Machine, Overdrive, Double Cross, Bruiseball, The 7-letter word, Scaregrounds and Spin Psycho.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Appearance                                                                         

The Sweeper Bar is a thin cylinder, usually red or orange in color. It is an obstacle, usually to trip people. Also it is the main obstacle in the 2nd round, called the Sweeper. Sometimes it has accessories such as a ring or tails poking out of the back. Sometimes people must grab on to bars,like in Spin Psycho. It is an uncommon obstacle in the Wipeout Zone. It moves at a considerably fast speed, which is why people trip over Sweeper Bars in Overdrive or Miami Pound Machine.

Swept Away a named sweeper bar obstacle which would in this case raise the pedestal up as contestants try to pass the sweeper arm.


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