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The Sucker Punch Wall is one of the more famous obstacles on Wipeout, as it has appeared since season 1. It is a big wall with 22 punching arms that contestants have to cross, while standing on a narrow ledge. If they get hit and fall, they drop into the mud pit. It is almost always featured as the second obstacle of the Qualifier.

The stunt appeared in every episode of season 1 and season 3 and in most of season 2. Only a handful of contestants have made it across, of which Gwenisha Robinson is the first shown.

In Season 3, the Sucker Punch wall added more holes, which spray out paint to blind the contestants. In Season 4 of Summer Wipeout, the Sucker Punch was retired and was replaced with Driver's Ed. In Wipeout's 5th Season, Swept Away took place as the second obstacle but made an uncommon appearance for the replacement of the Sucker Punch obstacle. In, Season 6 of Summer Wipeout, the Failboxes/Tropic Blunder took place of the Sucker Punch.

The Sucker Punch returns in Season 7. But this time they now add an airbag that pops out and pops and a Wall to knock them in the mud pit. Also the wall was modified with people. Lastly, Nathan Methvin-Terry from episode 7x02 has conquered this obstacle because at the Big Balls, he has no mud stains.

Conquered by

Jessica Bertoni takes a brutal hit but stays on.
# Contestant Episode
1 Katie Mayfield 1x09 : Pilot Episode
2 Gwenisha Robinson 1x04
3 Jessica Bertoni 1x06
4 Sam Mohan 1x10
5 Phil Somerville 1x10
6 Blake Peyrot 2x06
7 Blake Snedeker 2x09
8 Quan Pham 3x05 : Excuse Wii
9 Vincent Rappleyea 3x07 : The Henson Experiment
10 Frank Beasley 3x11 : Knock, Knock, Who's There? Wipeout?


A contestant discovers the newly added paint.

In most episodes, there were handles attached to the wall to make it easier for the contestants to hang on. In some episodes however, they weren't there, and the competitors had to cross them by hanging on to nothing. One of the only people who passed this wall is Katie Mayfield.

In 1x08, the Sucker Punch was replaced with the Butt Kicker, a similar obstacle, where the contestants had to run along a small ledge to the other side, with their backs faced to the wall. The gloves were replaced by shoes. No-one passed the Buttkicking Wall.

The mud got some additions as well. These additions include balls, fruit juice and foam.

The biggest and most recent addition to the sucker punch are the paint holes. These holes are introduced in Season 3, and blind the contestants who cross them.


  • The Wipey for best Sucker Punch went to Jessica Threvethick. The runner-ups were Dana Jamison, James Simpton, Jessica Bertoni and Craig Johnson.
  • The Sucker Punch was a runner-up to the Lifetime Achievement Award, which the Big Balls won.
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