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Wipeout Spring Fling

Season 4's Spring Fling with the green ball to bounce on

The Spring Fling is an obstacle, used as the third obstacle of the Qualifier in Season 4's Spring Wipeout.

Contestants must launch themselves onto a swing by using the object provided to them (i.e., trampoline, diving board, a green ball, or a zip-line). They must then make their way to the end of the swing and leap onto the sloped landing platform.

Many thought it was unfair. A lot of people could not even make the landing of the Spring Fling, and if they did, they would slide right off.

For Summer Wipeout, to remove its association with spring, it was renamed the Mood Swing. It was now interchanged with the Jiggle-ator as the first post-Big Balls obstacle in the Qualifier. It works exactly like the Spring Fling, though it was the only type that had a turntable, a slide, and a trapeze. In episode 16 of Summer Wipeout, it was referred to Lover's Leap, because it was a Blind Date episode, and it once again had a green ball to bounce on. Unfortunately, nobody cleared this obstacle under this name.

It was replaced by the Snow Fall on the next season.