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Spring Fling with the green ball to bounce on

The Spring Fling was an obstacle that had a trampoline that contestant bounced on to to launch themselves onto a swing. Contestants then must make their way to the end of the swing and leap onto a platform. There have been many variations such as placing a diving board, a green ball or a zip line in place of the trampoline, as many people thought it was unfair. A lot of people could not even make the landing of the Spring Fling and if they did, they would slide right off.

Mood Swing[]

The Mood Swing was a different name for the Spring Fling in the Summer episodes of Wipeout. It was exactly like the Spring Fling though it was the only type of Spring Fling that had a turntable, a slide, and a trapeze bar. In episode 17 of Summer Wipeout, it was referred to "Lover's Leap" because it was a Blind Date episode. Unfortunately nobody got across this obstacle under this name.