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Spinergy is an obstacle, introduced as the third obstacle in the Summer Wipeout Zone in Season 5, replacing the Frozen Fury from the Winter Wipeout Zone of the same season. It was interchanged with Torrential Twisters as the third obstacle throughout the rest of Season 5.

It consists of a rotating ring contestants have to balance on while avoiding a series of punishing sweeper bars. To prevent contestants from staying at the back of the ring, stationary sweeper bars were attached to the base of the obstacle. The ring also rotates into the sweeper bars (counterclockwise from an overhead perspective), forcing contestants to hop over them.

Only two contestants crossed it on their first attempt:

  • Travis Woiemberghe (S5E12)
  • Richard Gutierrez (S5E19)

On the next season, along with Torrential Twisters, it was replaced by both the Space Pod of Doom and Dark Side of the Moon.