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Season 5's Spin Psycho in Round Three

Spin Psycho is a Round Three course in Summer Wipeout of Season 5, replacing the Cold Hearted Snake from Winter of the same season. It is interchanged with the Petrified Forest as a Round Three course.

First, all six contestants will grab the first sweeper bar and ride around to the first turntable. Then they’ll grab the second sweeper bar and ride around to the second turntable. Finally, they’ll grab the third sweeper bar, ride around to the slippy slide, and time their drop down to the finish platform. The first three contestants to make it through move on to the Wipeout Zone.

Along with Petrified Forest, it was removed from the Round Three lineup for Season 6.

The starting platform and the first sweeper bar were both later used for the Gauntlet in the first season of the TBS revival (Season 8).


  • In all demonstrations, Barsey would appear.