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The Spiked Whackers is an obstacle, used as the first obstacle in the Gauntlet in the Wipeout Zone of Season 3, and is the sixth obstacle overall in this configuration of the Wipeout Zone. It was paired with the Arms and Dangerous within this Gauntlet.

It is an upgraded version of the Fence Flappers. It consists of two flapping spiky panels that fire out into the walkway, which has gaps placed in front of the panels. Contestants must cross the walkway without being whacked by the panels into the water.

On each contestant's first attempt, the obstacle is manually controlled, meaning that a wipeout is always guaranteed. After that, the flaps fire in an automatic sequence, where contestants can time their jumps.

On the next season, this obstacle, along with the rest of the Gauntlet, was replaced by the Sinister Snowflakes.