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Season 7's Space Race

The Space Race is a Round Two course used in Season 7. It was interchanged with the Sweeper as a Round Two course. In episode 13, it was used as a Round Three course, placed before the Wipeout Zone.

First, all twelve contestants will slide through the Wormholes and land on Flying Saucer, then drop through the hole onto the Crop Circles and jump to the Launch Slide. If they wipeout before the Launch Slide, they must head back to the beginning. Finally, they’ll drop down the Launch Slide into the Shifting Alien and jump out onto the finish platform. The first six contestants to make it through move on to the next round.

It was replaced by the Gauntlet in the TBS revival. The Wormholes were then reused as part of the Revolver, the second obstacle in Season 9's Gauntlet.


  1. Wormholes
  2. Flying Saucer
  3. Crop Circles
  4. *Launch Slide
  5. Shifting Alien

* - Checkpoint (activated by reaching this obstacle)