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Season 6's Space Pod of Doom

The Space Pod of Doom is an obstacle, first used as the third obstacle in the Wipeout Zone of Season 6. It was interchanged with the Dark Side of the Moon as the third obstacle throughout the season.

It is a rotating orbiter space pod that contestants must ride inside by entering its open end and dropping through one of the escape hatches onto the exit platform and not into the water. Contestants are not allowed to dismount via the open end; they must slip through the narrow escape hatches. There is a fixed camera placed inside the pod that makes it look like the contestants are getting smacked around by random forces in space.

The contestants who crossed it on their first attempt are:

  • Thomas Martin (S6E8)
  • Dustin Schmidt (S6E8)
  • Shelley Keller (S6E10)
  • Jeremy Roemer (S6E10)
  • Joshua Olsen (S6E11)
  • Rory Lamb (S6E13)
  • David Tamayo (S6E15)
  • Joshua Lee (S6E15)
  • David Craig (S6E16)

It was replaced by Hell's Carousel in Season 7.