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Snow Plow Sweeper

Season 4's Snowman Sweeper

The Snow Plow Sweeper premiered in the pilot episode of Season 4's Winter Wipeout as the fourth obstacle of the Qualifier.

Contestants must cross a semicircular array of pedestals to the other side whilst a set of four sweeper arms (two regular sweeper arms and two special sweepers, either gyrating arms or crushers) spin towards them to try and knock them off. As a side note, the sweeper machine used here is similar to the spinning platform used on Double Cross.

In the fourth and fifth episodes, they called it the Snowman Sweeper, replacing two of the arms with snowman heads and making the other two sweeper arms gyrate. The entire sweeper machine now spins from behind the contestant.

In the seventh and eighth episodes, they replaced the snowman heads with polar bear heads and renamed it the Polar Bear Express.

Only six contestants have ever cleared this obstacle:

It was replaced by the Spring Fling when the season moved on to Spring Wipeout.