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Snow Fall is an obstacle, first introduced as the fourth obstacle in the Qualifier for Season 5's Winter Wipeout, replacing both the Mood Swing and Jiggle-ator from the previous season. It is sometimes shifted into the third obstacle depending on the number of obstacles used in the first water pool of the Qualifier.

Contestants must slide down a tall slide and through a large spinning snowflake, ultimately landing on the platform on the other side.

The usual result on the obstacle is that the contestant lands directly onto the snowflake itself instead of the landing platform. This obstacle is usually cleared via one of two ways:

  • Falling into the slide from a standing position can give enough momentum for the contestant to slide through cleanly, leaving timing as the only issue.
  • Alternatively, contestants can instead try to stop themselves from slipping off the slide, coming to a complete stop at the bottom of it instead. This lets the contestant simply jump through the snowflake.

It was replaced by both the Poundabout and a modified Jiggle-ator when the season moved on to Summer Wipeout.