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Shawn "Safety First" Hughes was a contestant who competed on S3E05 'Excuse Wii'. Shawns nickname came from his preference towards safety which was reflected by the yellow and red safety vest he wore during the episode.



Shawn began his run by almost making it across the first half of the first obstacle, the Topple Towers, just falling short of the halfway platform. Shawn couldn't repeat this near success on the second half of the obstacle and fell after stepping on two towers. Shawns attempts at the Sucker Punch and Big Balls, were omitted in place of his interview with Jill. At the fourth obstacle, the Biker Bar, Shawn jumped over the first sweeper arm, but overshot the landing and fell between the 2nd and 3rd trampoline. The rest of Shawns run wasn't shown, but he ended up finishing with the best qualifiying time of the day.


Shawn was one of the first to make an attempt at the Overdrive after the horn sounded. On his first attempt, Shawn made it to the center of the steering wheel but fell somewhere offscreen as he's seen back at the starting platform later. For this episode, a foam geyser was added to the center of the steering wheel to make crossing the obstacle more difficult. On his second attempt, Shawn made it to the middle again and was able to reach the red spot but had to wait for it to line up with the exit obstacles. Shawn was able to stay on the red spot, but just as it was lining up with the exit obstacles, contestant Chelsea Robbins came running towards the red spot from the other direction, the two ended up colliding as Shawn jumped over the sweeper arm that Chelsea was trying to outrun. Chelsea hit Shawn in frustration before the next sweeper, which Shawn ducked under, knocked her off, as the rules forbade contestants from going under the sweeper arms, Shawn had to swim back to the start and try again. On his third attempt, Shawn made it to the middle, reached the red spot, and crossed the Unstable Table to the finish, taking the 1st spot in the next stage. Shawn would be joined by Aben Vincent, Ashley Coleman, Quan Pham, John Rogers, and Gary Shields.

Medieval Wipealot[]

Shaun would be the third one to run the Medieval Wipealot, and had to beat a time of 4:56.41 set by Rogers in order to make it to the Wipeout Zone. At the start of his run Shawn was knocked off the Rack (the first obstacle) by the Joust (a sweeper arm). Despite the early fall, Shawn was quick swimming up to the second obstacle the 'Bouncy Drawbridges', where he fell trying to jump to the second Drawbridge. Whilst swimming to the next stage, Shawns safety vest came undone and was shown hanging on by just his neck when he made up to the third obstacle, the 'Royal Rug Pull'. Shawn only got two steps out before suffering a brutal wipeout when the rug pulled and he fell on his back, took a glancing blow by the Joust, before falling into the water headfirst. Shawns vest came off completely following this fall. Now up to the last obstacle, the 'Wicked Step Spire', Shawn only made it to the first pedestal before falling off after jumping over the Joust. This fall put him behind Rogers time. Shawn was slow on his second attempt at the obstacle, was doused by "hot tar" on the second pedestal and got dragged back by the Joust. After jumping through the hoop, Shawn finally reached the finish platform and stopped the clock with a time of 5:13.41. Despite this upset, Shawn advanced to the Wipeout Zone after Ashley failed to beat his time during her run. Shawn would join Rogers, Aben, and Quan in the Zone.

Wipeout Zone[]

Shawn would be the second to run the Zone that night and had to beat a time of 10:41.87 set by Quan. After being launched into the Zone by the Catapult, Shawn was quickly up to the first obstacle, the Spin Cycle. Jumping in feetfirst, Shawn at first tried to run along the bottom of the drum to the exit point, but tripped before he could reach it. Shawn then chose to hold on to one of the pegs and rode along the top of the drum until he was in position to leap to the exit platform. Shawn succeeded in this method and was out of the Spin Cycle ahead of Quan's pace. Now facing the Triple Threat, Shawn made to the second turntable with ease, but was knocked off by the sweeper from the first turntable as he came back around. Shawn made it past on his second try and now faced the Rib Rage. Shawn made it the 6th Rib before falling, his face hitting the 7th Rib on his way down. With just the Gauntlet to go, Shawn was immediately taken out by the first Spike Wacker. After recovering, Shawn passed both Wackers and managed to pass Arms and Dangerous on his first try, making it to the finish platform and beating Quan with a time of 7:24.76. Rogers was unable to beat Shawns time, but Aben bested Shawn with a time of 5:49.76. Thus Shawn lost the $50,000 prize.