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Season 3's Shape Shifter with the trampoline attachment

The Shape Shifter is an obstacle, introduced in the third season as the fifth and final obstacle of the Qualifier. It was interchanged with the Fling Set as the fifth obstacle throughout the season.

Contestants must get through either a circle, square, or a triangle hole in a spinning disk, using the given object for the episode (which could be a trampoline, a swing, a slide, a diving board, or a zip-line), and land on the finish platform on the other side.

Contestants are expected to jump from the given object, through the obstacle, and onto the finish platform in a single bound. Normally, this is near-impossible due to the gap between the object and the landing platform being too wide to clear; two of the three clears on this obstacle (including Frank Beasley) involve jumping onto and riding the disk around at least once, then dismounting at the right moment, with the third clear using the disk to jump twice in one go. However, contestant Rico Curtis from episode 16 managed to dive perfectly through, using the diving board and land onto the finish platform with one jump. He is the only contestant to have done it this way.

It was replaced by the Yule Log Jam in Season 4's Winter Wipeout.