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Seven Letter Word

Season 4's Seven Letter Word

The Seven Letter Word is a Round Three course in Season 4's Winter Wipeout. It premiered in the Winter Wonderland pilot episode. Throughout the Winter part of the season, it was interchanged with Winter Blunder Land as a Round Three course.

It consists of seven letter platforms that spell the word WIPEOUT. The six contestants start en masse at the "W", and the first one to the "T" wins. They'll have to avoid the sweeper arms on the "W" beam and "I" slidewalk, go through the puddle on the "P", bounce off the "E" diving boards onto the "O" turntable, and jump over the hurdles on the "U" to get to the "T" finish platform. When dismounting from the "O" to the "U", contestants must land at the start of the "U" behind the first hurdle; if they somehow land in between the first and second hurdle, they must go back to the start of the "U". If they wipeout along the way, there are ladders at the "P", "E", and "U", so they won’t have to go back to the start. In episode 4 (Baby It's Blob Outside), there was a polar bear on the "P". There are three rounds, and the first person through in each round moves on to the Winter Wipeout Zone.

It was removed from the Round Three lineup when Season 4 moved on to Spring Wipeout.