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Season 2's Scary-Go-Round in the Wipeout Zone

The Scary-Go-Round is an obstacle, placed as the third obstacle in the Wipeout Zone of Season 2. It was interchanged with the Climbing Wall as the third obstacle throughout the season.

It is a modification of King of the Mountain, now consisting of a pair of bridges circling in opposite directions. Contestants must cross the bottom plank while avoiding the sweeper arm, head up the stairs in the middle, then make it across the top arm to the other side.

It had a few variations:

  • In episode 6, there were three teeth, while in episode 16, there was just one tooth.
  • In episode 7, there was a curtain contestants had to jump through.
  • In episodes 9 and 11, four of the six stairways were blocked, while in the latter episode, there were two wrecking balls contestants had to jump past.

It was replaced by both the Triple Threat and the Sinistairs in Season 3.