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Season 4's Scareousel

Scareousel is the second round of Season 4's Spring Wipeout, replacing the Ski Lift from Winter. When it was carried over to Summer Wipeout, it was interchanged with Total Carnage as a Round Two course.

There are two stages: a red track and a yellow track. The twelve contestants begin together on the starting platform elevated 10 feet above the water. Then at the sound of the horn, they'll hop across the pedestals on the red track, grab a red dangler, and swing over three hurdles to the red platform. If they wipeout, they must head back to the beginning. Once they land on the red platform, they must go up the steps and catch a ride on a yellow dangler to the finish platform all while avoiding the sweeper arms. If they wipeout here, they can stay on the yellow track and try again. The first six contestants to make it through move on to the next round.

In episode 13, giant blue dinghies were added for increased difficulty. In episodes 18 and 21, there were yellow double danglers.

In episode 19, Sarah Cooper made an amazing save on this obstacle by only hanging on a yellow dangler with her legs after being almost knocked off by one of the sweeper arms. She hung on the rest of the way like this and became the first to complete the obstacle on that episode. On the flipside, Veronica Chernyavska later withdrew from the Super Tramp, despite finishing second to Sarah Cooper.

In episode 31, it was renamed the Love Machine, because it was a Blind Date episode.

It was replaced by Pain in the Ice in Season 5.