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"Fun Sized" Sarah Krimple is a contestant from S4E11 "John Henson, Zombie Hunter". Sarah's nickname comes from her friends who call her that based on her short height of 4ft 9.



Only the very beginning of Sarah's run was shown in the episode. Sarah began her run by facing down the 'Scarecase', and like so many others, was knocked down by the red handrail at the top of the stairs before she could reach the zipline. The rest of Sarah's run was not shown but her time was good enough to advance to the next round.


Sarah was slow out of the gate when the horn went. As she moved into position to grab a red dangler, Sarah found herself in the path of Mario Ponce, who had missed the red spot and was coming back around on the same dangler. Sarah ducked to avoid him, which lead to Annie Hooker (who was standing right behind Sarah) getting knocked off by Mario instead. Sarah is seen later trying to grab a red dangler only to slip off and land back on the red square. Sarah eventually passed the red track offscreen and was now up to the red track. On her first attempt, Sarah got a grip on a yellow dangler and was able to clear the sweeper arms, but was just off with her dismount, landing on her butt before skidding off the finish platform. With only one spot left, Sarah was able to get for another attempt. Sarah passed the sweeper arms again and touched down on the finish platform with her feet, but failed to let go of the dangler with her arms and was pulled off the platform. Cristina Chavez would end up taking the last spot in the next round, thus ending Sarah's time on Wipeout.