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"Scarecrow" Ryan Krogstad is a contestant from S4E12 "The Wizard of Owws". Ryan's nickname comes from the character from the classical story The Wizard of Oz, whom Ryan portrayed in his high school production of said story.



Ryan began is run by facing 'Bowelled Over', and like so many others was knocked down by the smackwall on both halves of the obstacle. At the Big Balls, Ryan ran down the dreadmill and fell between the first and second ball. The rest of Ryan's run was not shown but his time was good enough to advance to the next stage.


Ryan was positioned near the middle of the starting platform at the beginning of the round. Ryan was almost knocked off the pedestal by Erik Simmons who was swinging back around on a red dangler. Ryan's cleared the hurdles on his first attempt but let go too late on his dismount to the red platform. Ryan cleared the red track on his second try and made it to the yellow track which at that moment only had Molly Sanborn on it. Ryan could not get a hold of a yellow dangler on first attempt and fell into the water. Ryan got a hold of a yellow dangler on his second try and cleared the sweeper arms but let go too early and missed the finishing platform. Ryan's third yellow track attempt was a success, and he took the 5th spot in the stage. Ryan advanced alongside Camille Bulot, Leo Dunn, Sarah Weeger, Christina Powers, and Roy Hernandaz.

Arabian Night[]

After being spun on the Dizzy Dummy, Ryan and Sarah were the first to make a move in round 1, leaping in tandem onto the rotating platform. Ryan was too far to the right and completely missed the 'bouncy board' on his dismount, while Sarah could not get to her feet in time to jump. Ryan got passed the rotator and bouncy board on his second try and made it to the Crankshaft but was taken out by the first bar immediately. Ryan's next attempt at the Crankshaft lead to one of most memorable wipeouts on the show when he got hit by the second bar, held on and got lifted into the air, and got hit in the groin by third bar as it rotated around, causing him to do a 360 into the water. Ryan passed the Crankshaft offscreen and reached the Knee Sweeper where he fell immediately. While in the water, Ryan was landed on by Camille as she fell from the Crankshaft. Shortly after, Leo took the 1st spot in the Wipeout Zone.

Ryan was slow out of the gate for round 2 and his run from the start to the Crankshaft wasn't shown. Upon reaching the Knee Sweeper, Ryan got turned around and missed the ledge on his step over the arm, causing him to fall. By the time Ryan climbed up for another try, Camille took the 2nd spot in the Zone. Now in the final round, Roy got out to an early lead with Ryan right behind him. Ryan fell once at the Crankshaft and was almost landed on again, this time by Sarah, as he swam back to the ladder. Roy passed on his second Crankshaft attempt followed by Ryan. Both men were able to pass the Knee Sweeper and jump to the spinning rectangle, but Roy got to his feet first and jumped to the finish platform, taking the final spot in the Wipeout Zone and eliminating Ryan.