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"Our Own Hottie" Courtney Turner is about to be punched by the Rumble Bridge Motivator.

The Rumble Bridge is an obstacle, used as the first obstacle of the Qualifier in Season 3, Episode 17.

Contestants must run across two sets of two piston-rigged platforms. If contestants ran at fast speed, the first platform would move down while the second moves upward, smacking contestants in the face. If contestants do not run as quick, the first platform will shake contestants up and down until they fall in the mud. If the contestant lands on the other platform during this, then that platform will deliver one last hit to contestants to finish them off. Nobody got past the obstacle by itself.

Other Season Appearances[]

Season 4[]

In Season 4, the Rumble Bridge makes a huge appearance and is common mostly in Summer Wipeout.

  • As a platform, it first appeared in Spring Training and attempted to flip contestants in the water. The Rumble Bridge was much larger and had more width to stood on.
  • On episode 5 of Summer Wipeout, it served as a flipping platform on the right whenever contestants jumped off and was joined by the Wheel of Misfortune obstacle.
  • Few episodes later, it came back, and again, like the last time, was a flipping platform and joined an obstacle, this time on Ballsy's Playground.
  • Although nobody got past the Fly Swatters, it returns but was not used as no one got to it.
  • Again, in the next episode and obstacle, Double Bubble Trouble, the Rumble Bridge returns with the same mechanics for the obstacle.
  • It reappeared one last time in Season 4 on the Wipeout Video Game Spinner.

Season 5[]

The Rumble Bridge was used in Season 5 for the Fandemonium. It was used for both sides of the obstacle and worked the exact same way as it did in Season 3.

It later appeared as a Motivator for the Big Balls for half of Season 5's Summer Wipeout. It was significantly shorter compared to its previous appearances.

It appeared as the finish platform for the Scaregrounds.

Season 6[]

The Rumble Bridge was used in Season 6 for the Trippity Skippity Flippity Doo, going back to its Season 4 appearance.

It was later used for the finish platforms of Round Two and Three, for courses like Octopushy, Miami Pound Machine, and Wipeout’s Greatest Hits.

Season 7[]

In season 7, the Rumble Bridge appeared once again as a Motivator for the Big Balls, now with similar length to its original appearance.