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Rug Pull is an obstacle, used as the first obstacle in the Qualifier in Season 2, Episode 6.

Contestants must run across two offset platforms with a rug placed on each platform. As soon as the contestant puts both feet on the rug, it then gets swiftly pulled to the left, tripping the contestants up and sending them into the muddy waters below. A set of stairs is placed in between both sets, forcing contestants to attempt the second set should they fail the first one.

It was replaced by the Spiked Fenders on the next episode.

Other Season Appearances[]

Season 3[]

The Rug Pull later appeared as the third obstacle in the Circular Challenge in Season 3's Round Three. This time, there are three rug platforms to run across, each with a gap between the platforms. Also, the mechanism for the pull is hidden underneath each platform instead of being done on the side.