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The Rib Rage is an obstacle in the Wipeout Zone of Season 3. It is featured along with the Catapult, Spin Cycle, Triple Threat, and the Gauntlet: the Spiked Whackers, and the Arms and Dangerous. It’s a walkway of ten ribs jutting out at the bottom that contestants must run across. The ribs drop out from under them as they run. They can only do this obstacle once.

Crossing ribs[]


Heavenly Swendsen sets a record-breaking time.

The record for most ribs crossed belong to Heavenly Swendsen, Andrea Corkhill (3x15: Ladies' Night), Brie Carter, and Tesara Liggins (3x17: Ahoy, Ye Land Lubbers). All manage to sprint to the seventh, where they stumble and fall with the eighth rib. The latter of the four both touched the ninth rib. Honorable mentions go to Katelyn Reina (3x01: Blind Date) and David Brummel (3x14: Mustard, Ketchup, & Wipeout Weenies) for crossing seven ribs.

The worst runs were made by Andreas Neumann (1/10) and Karalyn Sharamitaro (2/10). Caroline Lee and Jamie Cardiff both made three. Bree Bailey, David Hutchison, and Darrel Rivenbark only crossed four. This may be due to the fact that in some episodes, most obviously in 3x08, the weight a certain rib can hold changes. In that episode, it was already at the beginning, while in most episodes, they only begin falling at the fourth or fifth. They also tend to change the weight of certain ribs as shown in 3x15. It was clear that the seventh rib was still able to hold the contestants. It could all be coincidence though.

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