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"Best Athlete in the World" Raymond Ohrel is a contestant from S3E14 "Ketchup Mustard and Wipeout Weenies". The meaning behind Raymond's nickname is never explained as he simply calls himself the "Best Athlete in the World" during his interview with Jill.



Raymond was the last to run the Qualifier in the episode. Raymond began his run by first facing the Smack Wall Sweeper, and like so many others, was knocked down by the first Smack Wall, losing his hat in the process. At the Sucker Punch, Raymond was knocked into the mud just a few steps in. At the Big Balls, Raymond fumbled at the second Ball before making a futile lunge at the third ball where he rolled off. At the 'Beaton Path', Raymond made it halfway across before falling. At the final obstacle, the 'Trouble Us', Raymond fell trying to jump over the bar as it swung down at him. Raymond ended up finishing with a time of 04:08.6, the 3rd best time of the day.


Raymond and the others now face the Overdrive. Raymond's first onscreen attempt at the obstacle can be seen in and overhead shot where he is seen making it to the center of the steering wheel, however the next shot shows him back at the starting platform in a different spot showing that he fell offscreen. On Raymond's next attempt, he jumped to the green spot but was knocked off immediately by the sweeper arms. Raymond followed up with a better run, making it to the center, but was knocked off by a sweeper before he could reach the red spot. Raymond finally succeeded on his next attempt, reaching the red spot, jumping onto the Green Ball, and making the last leap to the finish platform, taking the 3rd spot in the next stage. Raymond moved on alongside Carl Winefordner, David Brummel, Darrel Rivenbark, Keith Phillips, and Clint Gage.


Raymond and the others would begin the round by being spun on the Dizzy Dummy. After the spinning ended, Raymond paused to get his bearings before following Clint onto the 'Spinning Pitchers Mound', across the Tippy Table, and on to 1st base. For this episode, the competitors would get sprayed by ketchup and mustard after reaching 1st base as well as having hotdogs and hotdog buns thrown at them. Raymond almost made it down the 'Bouncing Base Path' on his 1st attempt but fell off after jumping over a bat. Raymond crossed on his second attempt and made it to 2nd base, overrunning the base, but as he got both feet on it, he was safe. Raymond then found himself in a 3-way race for 3rd base on the Turntables between Clint and David. Clint fell on his jump to second Turntable. Raymond succeeded on his jump and quicky followed with a leap to 3rd base, moving ahead of David who failed to make the leap to 3rd and fell. All that remained was for Raymond to jump and tag home plate, which he did easily, taking the 1st spot in the Wipeout Zone. Joining David in the Zone would be Darrel, David, and Carl.

Wipeout Zone[]

Raymond would be the second to run the Wipeout Zone that night and had to beat a time of 12:43.02 set by Carl. After being launched into the Zone by the Catapult, Raymond was quickly up to the Spin Cycle just passed the 30 second mark, but hesitated for several seconds before jumping into the foamy drum. Once inside, Raymond struggled to find his footing and spent almost a minute sliding down along the left side of the drum as it spun, occasionally getting a foothold on a peg but quickly losing it and ending up back in the same area. Raymond finally made it over to the other side of the drum at the 1:40 but was too slow to get out and missed his exit opportunity. After coming around again, Raymond lost his grip near the top of the drum and slid face first into one of the pegs, at which point Raymond promptly quit his run, coming to rest on one of the pegs as the drum stopped spinning. Despite still having over 10 minutes to beat Carl, the Spin Cycle proved to be too much for Raymond to handle.