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Quan Pham
Quan Pham atop the Ramp.


Quan Pham


I'll date any













Eliminated in

Wipeout Zone


Crossed Sucker Punch, Crossed Big Balls

"I'll date any" Quan Pham competed in the episode Excuse Wii. He is the 1000th contestant to compete on Wipeout. He put up a good performance in the qualifier, as he was able to cross two of the toughest obstacles, the Sucker Punch, and the Big Balls. He managed to finish the qualifier in 4:00.


Quan Pham conquers the Sucker Punch.

He then managed to place fourth on the Overdrive. On Medieval Wipeout he almost fell short of success, but because both feet were on the mat, he managed to make it to the Wipeout Zone. In the Wipeout Zone he constantly struggled in the Gauntlet, and he finished with 10:04, but he fell short of success. Quan's wife Kim is featured on season 5 episode 23.



Quan was the last contestant to run the course that day where he learned he was the 1000th contestant to compete on Wipeout. Quan failed to cross the first obstacle the Topple Towers, (his attempt at the second half of the towers was not shown). At the Sucker Punch, Quan took a big shot to the face from one of the gloves but was able to hold on and conquer the obstacle. At the Big Balls, Quan hesitated just long enough for the hidden Motivator to activate, but he began stepping out just as it did and so was barely touched by it. Despite the nudge, Quan found his footing and crossed the Big Balls with ease. Quan couldn't repeat his success on the 'Biker Bar' (a version of the Trampoline Sweepers) though, and was taken out just a few steps in. After falling on the last obstacle, the Fling Set, Quan finished with a time of 4:00.4 and advanced to the next stage.


Quan and the other 11 contestants would now face the Overdrive. During the broadcast of the episode Quan was shown only making 2 attempts at the Overdrive, though his clothes being wet on his first shown attempt indicated he wiped out at least once more off screen. During his first shown attempt, Quan made it to the center of the steering wheel but on his way to the red spot he was tripped up by a sweeper arm and ended up going under it, as this was against the rules, Quan had to abandon his run swim back to the start. For his second attempt, Quan made it to red spot and chose the Green Ball as his exit obstacle. Quan successfully made the last jump and claimed the 4th spot in the next stage. Joining him were Shawn Hughes, Aben Vincent, Ashley Coleman, John Rogers, and Gary Shields.

Medieval Wipealot[]

For stage 3 Quan and the others faced the "Medieval Wipealot", a time-based course where the 4 fastest times would advance to the Wipeout Zone. Quan would be the last one to run the course and had to beat a time of 9:14.17 set by Ashley to make it to the Wipeout Zone. Quan made it through the first leg of the course, the 'Rack', without a fall. At the second obstacle, the 'Bouncy Drawbridges', Quan made an aggressive leap from the first Drawbridge to the second whilst simultaneously jumping over the 'Joust' (a sweeper arm). He fell short, couldn't hold onto the Drawbridge, and spun head over heels into the water in quite the memorable wipeout. After climbing up to the next obstacle, the 'Royal Rugpull', Quan was hit in the throat by a ball thrown from one of the pelters above, Quan stop to clench throat and was taken out by the Joust as a result. As he didn't make contact with the Rugpull the before falling, Quan had to climb back up and try it again. This time he made to the first Rug, but as he stood up to jump over the Joust, the rug pulled and he fell causing the Joust to hit him in the chest and drag him back significantly before he finally fell off. Now up to the final obstacle, the 'Wicked Step Spire' (3 hexagonal pedestals which had to be completed in order to finish the course), Quan made it to the second Step before again being taken out by the Joust while also getting doused by "hot tar". On his second try, Quan quickly crossed the Steps, missed the tar dump, and reached the start/finish before the Joust knocked him off again, however as both of Quan's feet landed on the platform, he had stopped the clock and beat Ashley with a time of 6:07.88, taking the final spot in the Wipeout Zone.

Wipeout Zone[]

Quan would be the first to go in the Wipeout Zone that night. After being launched into the Zone by the Catapult, Quan was quickly up the first obstacle, the Spin Cycle. After failing to run along the bottom of the giant foam filled drum, Quan found his footing and rode the drum around until he was at the other side where he almost casually stepped out. Now facing the Triple Threat, Quan made to the second turn table, took nudges from the sweeper arms, before making to the third table and across to the finish platform. Quans perfect run ended at the Rib Rage where he only made it to the sixth rib before falling.

Now at the Gauntlet, Quan only had the 'Spiked Whackers' and 'Arms n Dangerous' left to do. Quan was immediately taken out by the first Whacker on his first try (like most contestants). On his second attempt, Quan almost passed the Whackers but the second Whacker just nudged his leg enough to make him stumble of the side of the platform. On his third attempt, Quan finally made it passed the Whackers, but only got 2 steps out before the Arms took him out. Now on his fourth Gauntlet attempt, Quan passed the Spikes and figured out the pattern for the Arms, finally reaching the finish platform with and finishing with a time of 10:41.87, 6 minutes of which was spent on the Gauntlet.

Sadly, Quans time didn't hold up, as the second finalist to go, Shawn Hughes, beat him with a time 7:24.76.

Episode Result Notes
S03E05 3rd Place in Wipeout Zone Lost to Shawn Hughes, and Aben Vincent.