The Qualifier is the first obstacle set in Wipeout. It has 4-5 obstacles in it. The 2nd obstacle is the Sucker Punch and the 3rd is the Big Balls. During Season 2 episodes: 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12, 14 the Sucker Punch was removed from the course. In Season 4, the Sucker Punch had been declared retired. It was replaced with an obstacle named Drivers' Ed. It consisted of 3 steering wheels spinning. The 2nd and 3rd wheels had airbags that exploded in the contestants' faces. And 2 gas pedals, that aim for the groin section of the contestant. In Season 5, The Qualifier only have 4 Obstacles and 4 obstacles on Winter and Spring Wipeout In Season 6, 2 obstacles Trophic Blunder & the Fail Boxes Were the Second Obstacle Each Has 8 Turns to be the 2nd obstacle. But in Season 7 The Sucker Punch Return with a modified Look.

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