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The Psychedelic Snow Globe is an obstacle, used as the second obstacle in Season 5's Winter Wipeout Zone.

It is a huge vertically spinning sphere laden with large pegs (similar to the Sinister Snowflakes) and a button in the middle that contestants must hit to drop the exit platform before they can ride around and jump to the other side. They only need to tag the center button once, as if they wipeout after, they do not need to tag it again.

The contestants who crossed it on their first attempt are:

  • Dylan Hamilton (S5E2)
  • Abner Ramirez (S5E3)
  • Gentle Winter (S5E4)
  • Dorean Amaya (S5E5)
  • Eric Poole (S5E6)

As winter subsided later in the season, it was later replaced by both the Swing Blades and Commakaze.

Other Season Appearances[]

Season 8[]

On the TBS revival's first season (Season 8), the Psychedelic Snow Globe would return in the form of Vertigo, returning as the second obstacle in the Wipeout Zone, replacing the Shredder.

It functioned nearly the same as its original counterpart, except that it is a rounded square instead of a circle, and the button was replaced with a sensor. Once the contestant tags the sensor, it lights up green and the platform stays down for the rest of the team's run.

In Season 9, it was replaced by Point Break (which was also the name of a Season 4 Wipeout Zone obstacle).