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Point Break is a name given to two different Wipeout Zone obstacles, one in Season 4, and another in Season 9.

Season 4[]

The first version of Point Break was first introduced in Spring Wipeout as the third obstacle in the Wipeout Zone, replacing Frostbite from Winter. When it was carried over to Summer Wipeout, it was interchanged with Axle of Evil as the third obstacle for the rest of the season.

It is made up of two stages. First, contestants must climb to the peak of the slippery staircase while trying to hold out when 500 gallons of water splash down on them and/or being shot by flying paint. Then they must time their drop down the steep slide onto the platform below. If it is timed too quickly, the contestants will either hit the wall to the side of the platform or go toward the next obstacle, the Coin Toss. Also, because of the rotation, if contestants lose their balance, they will slide off the side.

The contestants who crossed it on their first attempt are:

It was replaced by Frozen Fury on the next season.

Season 9[]

The second version of Point Break appeared as the second obstacle of the Wipeout Zone in the second season of the TBS revival (Season 9), replacing Vertigo from the previous season.

It is essentially an upgraded version of the Log Roll. Contestants must cross a fast-rotating log laden with pillars and pegs.