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Peet Montzingo


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"Smack Efron" Peet Montzingo was a contestant in the first episode of the third season of Wipeout.

In the Qualifier he showed a good performance on the Big Balls as he was able to hang on when it looked like he was going to fail. He managed to clear it in 3:14. He managed to keep his luck up on the Double Cross, and clear it as the 5th person to cross it. He placed 1st in bruiseball, and he earned a spot in the Wipeout Zone. In the Wipeout Zone he performed well, as he managed to clear most of the obstacles, but on the Blades of Fury he was beaten off the blades, and then he wiped out again on the Beater Totter, but he overcame his struggles, and beat the Wipeout Zone in an incredible 7:36, but his time lost to Andrew Sherman's time of 3:46, and he was defeated.

Episode Result Notes
S03E01 2nd Place in Wipeout Zone Lost to Andrew Sherman

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Run[edit | edit source]

Results[edit | edit source]

Qualifier 03:14.2
Double Cross 5th
Bruiseball 1st
Wipeout Zone 2nd (07:36.98)

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