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Patrick Bailey
Patrick, ready at the top of the ramp.


Patrick Bailey


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Patrick Bailey is a contestant who competed in the episode World Cup. He is well known for randomly quoting Shakespeare on the course. This gave him the nickname 'Renaissance Man'. He made it to the Wipeout Zone, but timed out and lost to New Mom Jill Facer


In Patrick's interview he dances with Jill, and puts his foot behind his neck, making Jill feel awkward.


Patrick's ready at the top of the ramp, and is launched by the boat of Wipe Water Rafting. He swims quickly over to the Sucker Punch, where he takes about three punches before going down half-way through. He then steps forward to the Soccer Big Balls, where he shows some great balance.


Patrick swimming back to the starting platform on the Overdrive.

He steadily makes it to the third ball, but slips off after his try on the fourth one. On the Trampoline Sweepers, he easily jumps over the first bar, but loses his footing and hits the bottom of the trampoline, sending him into the water. On the Fling Set, where he succeeds in jumping over the bars once, but the second time it clips him and he falls. But despite wiping out on every obstacle, he manages to clear the Qualifier in 03:12.2.

On the Overdrive, Patrick's the first to try the obstacle, but after jumping over a sweeper bar he slips into the water. The second time he makes it to the red spot, jumps for the Banana Hammock but can't hang on. He learns from his mistakes however, and during his next try he lands in the banana, and reaches the finish as the second one.

Next is the Jungle Gym, where Patrick is the second to compete. He's quickly off the starting platform, but runs into some trouble and nearly falls, but recovers. On the High Diving Boards, he can't control his jump and lands in the water.


Patrick, having a rough go on the Spin Cycle.

He quickly swims over to the Rug Pull, where he stumbles on the first platform, and into the water. The last obstacle is the Stilt Trip, which he clears on his first attempt. With 02:14.60, Patrick posted the best time of the six and moves on to the Wipeout Zone.

There, he goes third. He's launched by the Catapult, and makes a perfect entry. On the Spin Cycle, after tumbling around quite a bit, he tries to outrun the drum but slips in the water. On his second attempt, it's easier to outrun it, but jumps too quickly and has to let go of the drum again. During his third try, he tries holding on to one of the ledges and circles around. He finally clears the obstacle. On the Triple Threat, Patrick's a bit unsteady. The sweeper arms take advantage and Patrick takes a few hits before going down. On his second attempt he makes it across. He then crosses six ribs on the Rib Rage. He finally reaches the Gauntlet, where he's taken down by the first Spiked Whacker. He only has one try left on the Wipeout Zone, and makes it through the Spiked Whackers. Patrick figures out there's a logic to the Arms & Dangerous, but doesn't think about it enough and takes a few brutal blows before ultimately going down. He's out of time, and places fourth in the episode.


Qualifier 03:12.2
Overdrive 2nd
Jungle Gym 1st (02:16.39)
Wipeout Zone Out of time


"House of Capulets!"

- Patrick

"I am the unexperienced Michelin Man!"
"He's delusional."

- Patrick, James Runcorn