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Pain in the Ice is a Round Two course used in Winter Wipeout of Season 5.

First, all twelve contestants will drop through the Ice Hole situated 20 feet above the Arctic water and grab the Fishing Pole, a sweeper bar covered in fish, for a spin to the landing platform. Then it’s a tricky balancing act across the Lumber Tumbler, a large rotating plank, to the other side. That’s followed by a hair-raising trip across the Frosty Footbridge, a rapidly shaking bridge similar to the Yule Log Jam, while avoiding the spanker bar and being showered by the Arctic Waterfall. And finally, it’s a belly slide down the Snow Chute to the slippery finish platform, taking care not to overshoot it. The first six contestants to make it through move on to the next round, the Cold Hearted Snake.

It was replaced by both the Scaregrounds and Hangover when the season moved on to Summer Wipeout.


  1. Ice Hole
  2. Fishing Pole
  3. Lumber Tumbler
  4. Frosty Footbridge
  5. Snow Chute