The Overdrive is an obstacle which the twelve contestants emerging from the qualifier have to cross. This stunt and the Double Cross have replaced the Sweeper and King of the Mountain for season 3. The first six to cross Overdrive, move on to the next round.

The competitors have to enter on the green spot and exit off the red spot, while avoiding Windshield Wipers and Sweeper arms, under which you're not allowed to go. To reach the finish platform, they have to jump from the red spot onto one of the three (or sometimes two) obstacles. These include a rotating green Big Ball, a swinging Banana Hammock and the Unstable Table, which tips every nine seconds. The tipping eventually decreasing the longer it takes for the contestants to finish. While less than five minutes are shown of the Overdrive, it sometimes takes half an hour 'till the first contestant reaches the finish spot.

The Overdrive was first introduced in the Wipeout Blind Date episode, and then became a regular seen obstacle in season 3.

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