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Season 3's Overdrive

The Overdrive is a Round Two course used in Season 3, replacing both the Sweeper and King of the Mountain from Season 2. It was interchanged with the Double Cross as a Round Two course throughout the season.

The twelve contestants stand on a 10-foot-high starting platform as a steering wheel moves in a circular motion. They must enter the steering wheel on the green spot, exit off the red spot, and cross one of the three obstacles: the Unstable Table, the Banana Hammock, and the Spinning Green Ball to the finish platform. They also have to avoid the nasty yellow windshield wipers and four sweeper arms rotating in the opposite direction. If they wipeout or go under one of the sweeper arms, they must head back and start all over. The first six contestants to make it across move on to the next round.

The Overdrive was first introduced in the Wipeout Blind Date episode, and then became a regular seen obstacle in Season 3.

In Season 4, it was replaced by the Ski Lift.


Contestants by exit obstacle[]

Banana Hammock[]

Spinning Green Ball[]

Unstable Table[]