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Season 4's Over and Out

Over and Out is an obstacle, first introduced as the second obstacle in the Spring Wipeout Zone in Season 4. It was also used in the Summer Wipeout Zone of the same season, being interchanged with Iron Mazen as the second obstacle.

It consists of two giant rotating walkways that must be crossed. There are hash marks overhead, and a platform is placed in between both walkways.

There are two ways to beat this obstacle:

  • If you decide to use the energy, you have to hold onto one of the hash marks, propping your body between it and the walkway, or else it will tip over and send you into the water.
  • If you are forced to outrun it, you must time it correctly, so that way you don't slide off immediately.

Only six contestants crossed it on their first attempt:

Along with Iron Mazen, it was later replaced by the Psychedelic Snow Globe in the next season.