Organ grinder
The Organ Grinder
is an obstacle used in Season 3. It is always used as the fourth obstacle in the Qualifier, sometimes replaced by the Trampoline Sweepers and the Shake-a-Lator. This stunt consists of 8 unsteady pedestals which move up and down. A lot of people had trouble with this obstacle, not even making it half-way through. In the first episode, Karalyn Sharamitaro was the only one who made it across. The Organ Grinder was a notoriously difficult obstacle, most contestants not getting past the second pedestal.

Conquered ByEdit

# Contestant Episode
1 Karalyn Sharamitaro 3x08: Feed Jill
2 Keith Phillips 3x14: Mustard, Ketchup, & Wipeout Weenies

Beaten PathEdit

Beating path
The Beaten Path
is a different version of the Organ Grinder that was used in Episode 3x14. Instead of unsteady pedestals, the Beaten Path features round platforms and boat fenders from the Fender Bender. Just as with the Organ Grinder, a lot of people had trouble with this obstacle, and only Keith Phillips made it across.
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