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"Retired Baby Model" Nick Santo is a male contestant to Wipeout Season 7 episodes 4 and 13. In episode 4, he placed first in the Qualifier and the Fun Slides Platform Spinning Purple People Beater. Placed fourth in the Classic Sweeper and won the Wipeout Zone winning $50,000 and a date with Jill. Nick would return in episode 13. He placed first in the Qualifier again (this time knocking over smallsy). He also placed first in the Classic Sweeper winning $500. He placed fourth in the Space Race (with foam). He would eventually win the Wipeout Zone, winning $51,000. Nick became the first and only contestant to win Wipeout twice.


  • Nick finished first both times in the Qualifier. In episode 4, his time was 02:38.9, while in episode 13 his time was 02:35.9. Nick broke his own record.
  • Nick finished fouth in the Classic Sweeper in episode 4, but in episode 13 he would finish first getting redemption.
  • In episode 4, his Wipeout Zone time was 01:23.96. In episode 13, his time was 01:17.31.
  • Nick is the first and only contestant to win Wipeout twice since the Series ended.
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